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The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan - Signed Copy!

The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan Book Cover
Packed with tips, hints and reminders, case studies, at-a-glance charts and a daily journal to help you keep track of your baby's progress, The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan is a step-by-step, must-have manual for stress-free parenting.

The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan - Signed Copy!

After such successful results with all my clients over the years, it was through their encouragement that I decided to share my knowledge and understanding of babies with a wider public.

Happily, in 2008 I was awarded a commission by Transworld Publishers, an imprint at The Random House Group, and my book was finally published in January 2010 thus fulfilling my dream of reaching parents worldwide who could benefit from my baby-care methods. My book has been well received within the media, has topped the best-seller list on Amazon, sales continue to grow and I am delighted to be negotiating plans for my next book - The Sensational Toddler Sleep Plan - with my publishers.

About the book.
Sleep, or the lack of it, is probably the most widely written about and discussed topic within the entire range of baby care issues. “How do I get my baby to sleep through the night” is the most commonly asked question and sought after solution amongst those who are preparing for, or have reached, parenthood. It is a pity that such a negative attitude exists toward the whole issue of baby sleep: it suggests you will have months possibly years of interrupted nights, leading to a sleep deprived, stressful time rather than to an enjoyable, relaxed introduction to life as a family.

My book is structured in three main sections.

1) Our beautiful baby has finally arrived, what do we do now?
The first section in my book is all about newborns, breast feeding, bottle feeding, sleep and how to implement The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan, which when followed, will often result in a healthy, full-term baby being able to sleep 12 hours through the night from between 8 to 12 weeks. My method is based on incorporating all the natural feeding and sleeping patterns with which babies are born and it also encourages them to learn the essential art of independent sleep. It develops a positive association to bedtime from an early age and equips them with a healthy attitude to sleep for the future.

Alison Says:-
"Sleep Breeds Sleep and is an essential and key part of life, during which your baby will grow, rest and rejuvenate. Remember - sleep deprivation is an internationally recognized form of torture and one which you and your baby need not suffer!"

2) Sleep deprivation kicking in and things not going quite to plan ........
The second section of the book is aimed at parents with babies of 3 to 4 months plus. These are the parents who may not have followed my Sensational Baby Sleep Plan from the early weeks and want to find out how to encourage their older baby to sleep through the night. The phenomenal success of my Reassurance Sleep Training Technique is now becoming recognized world-wide as the thousands of happy parents that have successfully followed my method tell all their friends how it was so much easier to implement than they had imagined.

3) What they don't always tell you at antenatal.......
The third section of my book covers the all-too-common condition of infant Gastro Oesophageal Reflux  which is often misdiagnosed, not even recognized by some health professionals and can sadly be simply dismissed as 'just a bit of colic'!
Reflux is a very real, painful and distressing problem but though reading my book you will learn to understand the key factors such as - signs and symptoms, obtaining a swift diagnosis, find the correct treatment for your baby and how to devise an ongoing management plan, which will all help to ease your baby's symptoms and discomfort.
I have spent many years researching the subject and through my experience of working with hundreds of babies suffering from reflux, I am now recognized as one of the leading experts who can help parents to correctly manage their baby's condition.
I work alongside some of the top Paediatric Gastroenterologists in the country and through their invitation have been accepted as an Allied Health Professional with ESPGHAN (The European Society of Peadiatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition).

Alison Says -
"All of the advice I give is underpinned through my vast wealth of knowledge and experience, my techniques are practical, reality-based and easy to implement, which is why they can work for you, but don't just take my word for it though; here is what just some of my followers have said about my book"........

  • Amazing! We saw immediate results after using the technique on the first nap! Can't recommend this book highly enough - thanks Alison! 
  • I purchased this book after having 7 months of being woken every 2 hours with my son who suffered from silent reflux. The book made so much sense and finally made me realise I wasn’t mad but my son was severely sleep deprived. It took us 7 days to crack his sleeping but it was well worth it and he is a different child. Thank you Alison for a fabulous book. 
  • Alison’s sleep plan is the way to go....forget dummies, forget bottles, you will get your sleep back...we went from an addictive soother baby to a sleeping baby who slept 12 hours the first night...amazing, thank you Alison 
  • Thank you so much for your book! We followed your advice from day 1 and our little boy slept through from 8 weeks. He has never known anything but sleeping in his cot in his own room, without props and settling himself to sleep. Starting the plan so early means that he has never developed any of the sleep problems which seem to plague to rest of my NCT class! He smiles when we put him down for naps or bedtime and just goes off to sleep! 
  • Brilliant brilliant brilliant...that’s all I can say. Ryan sleeps through the night, has daytime naps which he never did. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.
  • Got your book as a gift from my sister when I was pregnant & put the routine in place from week one. Fantastic. Once we stopped the night feeds at 8 weeks our baby was sleeping through the night, he's now 18 weeks and still sleeps through the night, I put this down to all the tips and advice in this book. It really is a must for every new parent.. 
  • After following the Reassurance Sleep Technique my baby now settles without any fuss and sleeps for 11.5 to 12 hours at night, every night. She also sleeps brilliantly during the day. I will be following your advice from day one for my next little bub!