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The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan turns 10!

Ten years on and book sales continue to rise, positive feedback pours in daily and The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan was recently voted, by The Huffington Post Parents, one of the TOP FIVE PARENTING books that actually works!
What an amazing 10 years it has been...
I remember like it was yesterday when my mother and I sat looking at a blank computer screen and asked each other “How do we write a book?”
The ensuing months of extracting the information from my head, turning it into the written word and making sure it was grammatically correct - no mean feat, but that’s where my mum was genius. She was the one who made my book so easy to read and ensured all the sentences made sense. All the writing, editing, laughing and enjoyment we got spending that time together. The book truly became ‘our baby’.

- Thanks Mum, I will be ever truly grateful and I still miss you every day.

I recall the excitement on the 10/01/2010 when the book was first published and the next day when Judith Woods’ article was published in the Telegraph - mother was truly proud 😊 (and so was I!)
Later that year I starred in the CH4 TV show
“Who knows best? - can’t sleep kids” which aired in August 2010.
The show was set up as a challenge for two sleep experts to work with non-sleeping toddlers, I’m proud to say that I ‘won’ and I’m still in touch with Suzy and her twins whom I worked with on the show and in her words “changed their lives!”
The years rolled past and at one point my book was condensed into a mini sleep guide and given away with an issue of popular Prima Baby Magazine.
Seeing my book on the shelves in a bookstore, being recognised on a train, seeing my book in someone’s house lying on the table, undertaking book signings, talking on the stage at the London Baby Shows, receiving all the wonderfully positive feedback & thanks from so many parents - and so much more - have been truly amazing experiences.
Here’s to the next TEN years of The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan and I have so many exciting things planned this year to celebrate this amazing anniversary.
Watch this space!!
Huge love
Alison xxxx

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