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Some Top Tips if you have 2 babies under 2 !!

  1. Firstly don’t expect too much of yourself to start with, you've got a lot on your hands!
  2. Do remember that  they are both still babies.  Your toddler will look oder to you, but he is still just a baby, too.
  3. Don’t start any new things, like  potty training for a while, as your older child will be unsettled with a new sibling.  Let him adapt to the new baby first.
  4. As I  always say,  try to keep a nightly bed and bath routine for baby and toddler.  It will help you at the end of those tiring days.
  5. Get your baby’s things ready sooner (while you are pregnant) so you can start explaining what it is  to help prepare your toddler.
  6. Try to enjoy every moment no matter how trying it may be. And in the hard times, remember that it is only for a few months and it will change. You may be exhausted and frustrated and have zero time for yourself but it is ok. Keep your calm. You will survive and your children will love you for it. Remember to show your oldest a little extra, special one on one time so he/she doesn’t feel left out or less important than the new baby. 
  7. Spend time with the toddler during the Baby is having his naps
  8. Then try  to coordinate one nap if you can, so that they are both asleep at the same time.
  9. When the older one meets the baby, make sure they see you first for hugs and then get baby (so they don’t see you with baby first up, helps to prevent feelings of being replaced) 
  10. Just clean when you can and accept any help offered 
  11. Remember that the newborn will (hopefully) sleep a lot so there will be chances to give your attention to the older child – a baby is fine  to cry for  a couple of minutes.
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