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Reflux cannot really be ‘cured’ but the symptoms can be controlled, and I always say 'we have to crack-the-reflux-code’ for each baby to find what helps relieve the individuals’ symptoms”.
There are a range of medical antacid treatments including infant Gaviscon, Ranitidine and Losec Mups which by reducing stomach acidity will lessen the burning pain experienced through a reflux attack. Reducing CMP and lactose in milk either by changing the diet of a breast-feeding mum or using a hydrolysed formula which has had the proteins and / or lactose removed or reduced can be very effective. Thickening feeds by adding instant Carobel to expressed breast milk or using a pre-thickened formula can also help to try and ensure the milk stays in the stomach preventing further bouts of reflux.
It is also important to understand HOW to maximise the positive effect of finding the right combination of milk and medication.  It is vital to establish a good feeding and sleeping structure as you cannot just medicate a baby and expect everything to fall into place. The baby may have had weeks or even months of being in discomfort which will have created many negative behavioral associations to feeding and sleeping that will need to be redressed through re-building the baby's association to milk and food, implementing a daily routine for milk, naps and mealtimes and also you may need to implement some sleep training for night-time.
Although most infants will outgrow reflux as their digestive system matures, many may continue to have problems throughout toddlerhood, but through many years of working with reflux babies, I discovered that there is less likelihood of any long-term negative effects through an early diagnosis, proper treatment and an effective, on-going management plan of the condition.
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