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What are the typical symptoms of reflux?

• Vomiting or spitting up
• Arching the back or neck and body goes rigid
• Irritability and pain
• Frequent hiccups, excessive dribbling
• Gurgling, gagging, choking episodes
• White coating on the tongue [not oral thrush]
• Excessive mucous, sinus congestion
• Raspy / wheezy cough, often worse at night
• Very windy, hard to burp, excessive ‘bottom’ wind
• Excessive feeding or refusal to feed
• Difficult to settle, poor sleep patterns
• Bouts of inconsolable crying
Just to make diagnosis even more difficult, reflux has many different symptoms and individual babies will display different signs of the condition. Not only are the outward signals determined by the actual root cause and severity of the reflux, but also by the baby’s individual temperament and personality. For example some will scream with pain whilst others just learn to deal with it and rarely cry, some may be relatively happy although vomit a lot whilst others may refuse feeds, are rarely sick but be quite miserable.
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