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More thoughts on the Poo Page!

After some in-depth market research I've decided against setting up a page on my website dedicated to "Is my baby's poo normal".....
Sadly the feeling was that pictures of poo would offend too many (and the general census of opinion is that the WWW already seems to be filled with an excess of c#‪#‎p‬!)
However, if you are worried, concerned or would like reassurance about the 'normality' of the your baby's nappy content, (or any other baby-related issue) you might like to book a phone consultation with me. Along with returning a completed booking form by email, also send me some nappy-pictures and a detailed history and then we can arrange the consultation so I can advise accordingly.
To find out about fees for phone consultations and to get a booking form please send an enquiry email through the website or to [email protected]
Thanks, Alison x
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