About Me

Photo of Alison Scott-Wright

I am a Mum and Grandmother with a love of babies and a 6th sense when it comes to understanding them.

I have a background in auxiliary nursing and worked within the caring sector for many years before I trained and qualified as a maternity nurse and the rest is years of experience. I am a leading expert within the field of baby care, sleep and managing infant reflux. My work is endorsed by some of the top paediatric gastroenterologists in the UK and I am accepted as an Allied Health Professional with ESPGHAN.

As you will find here on my website I’m the Author of “the Sensational Baby Sleep Plan”. Through my years of working with families I found a safe and positive method of helping children and babies learn to self sooth and the sleep well. After much encouragement from my clients I put this method into a book; a book that was written with love and with my own Mum at my side. I am proud of my book and so happy when I get all the positive comments and wonderful feedback from the parents it helps.

The book gives you a routine that I have developed over time. My Reassurance Sleep technique is proven to work. The book offers practical help, is baby focussed and based on the realities of modern life. It may not suit all but I believe that all parents have the right to choose how they parent and I do not criticise or judge those who have adopted different methods to my own.

I am also in demand to help parents with the challenges of reflux. One of my own grandchildren has it and I know only too well, the far reaching effects it has. I have researched the subject extensively and spent many days and nights “hands on” helping babies and parents who are suffering.

Much of my time is spent focussed on my clients. Luckily, my two sisters, Marion and Jenny help me run my business on a day to day basis. I am a great believer in the family and love spending any spare time with mine whenever I can!