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Telephone Consultations

I offer one to one telephone consultations to give advice, support and guidance on any baby related issue, including (and not limited to): sleep routines and sleep-related problems; feeding; infant reflux and general baby care.

This system has proved to be very useful for scores of busy parents who have come to me with their concerns and together we have implemented simple and practical solutions in their homes that have worked with 100% success rate.

Telephone consultations can be scheduled on either a one-off or an on-going basis, depending on the parent’s requirements and the problem that is being addressed.

With new technology we can now offer the following options for cheaper and more convenient calls, even when I am overseas:-

SKYPE: Many people already use Skype, you can hear and see me if you have a webcam (with microphone). You can download this free of charge on your PC and we can logon and use it for the telephone consultation.

FACETIME: If you have an iPad, we can speak directly and see each other via FaceTime. This is proving very popular for my clients and is a very good and effective way of communication.

This really does work and I have clients who come back wth 2nd and even 3rd baby. After all, no two babies are ever the same!