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A new service for small groups of parents

Alison will come to your chosen venue and spend the day with you all giving mini talks, answering all your questions, going through your individual situation, providing advice on all baby-related topics and giving hands on help / demonstrations with your babies.

If you have a group of Mummy & Daddy friends who may be searching for help and support on how to manage their baby, or you're constantly posting on your group, comparing notes and asking questions that nobody seems to have the answers to, this might be the perfect service for you.

photo of Alison and two mums smiling round a table

Alison at an event with 3 House Club

Some examples of questions Alison has been asked are:

  • Why does my baby have sweaty hands and feet?
  • Does anyone else’s baby arch their back and pull off the breast?
  • How much should a baby take in a bottle - mine will only take 60 mls and then cry.
  • Do you put your baby to sleep in a sleepyhead/ Moses basket/ crib/ big cot or co-sleep....I just don’t know what’s best!
  • Does she ‘woodpecker’ on the breast and keep pulling off, but still trying to latch on?
  • What routine should we follow - or should we follow one at all?
  • How much sleep does my baby need and when can I expect her to sleep for longer stretches?
  • Why does my baby have explosive poos?
  • How much and when should I express my milk, if at all?

Book a days group session with Alison, The Magic Sleep Fairy and she will be able to answer these questions and more.

All you have to do is get together a group of 4 or more, find a venue (someone’s house is most suitable), organise some refreshments & lunch for us all and book it in!
Prices depend on numbers per group, location (taking into consideration Alison’s travel time and costs) and how many hours you want to book in the day.

As a price guide:
6 people
10am to 5pm

£250 per head.

In addition to this:

  • Follow on phone calls charged at 20% discount.
  • Follow on 24 hour home visit 10% discount.
  • It’s possible that you as the host or another group member wants to then have Alison stay over as an extension to the day session and turn it into a 24 home visit or perhaps the group members might want to book follow on phone consultations with Alison - and both these services would be offered at a discounted rate as stated above.