Terms & Conditions

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Alison Scott-Wright - Baby Care Consultant, Maternity Nurse & Parental Advisor, Infant Reflux Specialist, Health Professional & Allied Associate to E.S.P.G.H.A.N.


The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan: To get a personally signed copy visit my website - www.alisonscott-wright.com and place your order. It costs £15.47 which includes postage and packaging to anywhere in the UK. The book is also available from all major book retailers and in digital formats such as Kindle.

Telephone Consultations: Each call/Skype/FaceTime session will cost £2.50 per minute. Applies to weekdays, weekends and out of hours consultations. To book a phone consultation with Alison, please return the booking form via email as a word document.

Private Clinic Consultation with Alison / Group Sessions: Private consultations may take place with Alison at her clinic in West London. Times and dates are available upon request. These consultations are charged at £250 for one hour and £180 for each subsequent hour for an individual, or £480 for one hour and £350 for each subsequent hour for a group of up to 6.

Home Visits: Cost for home visits: £1,200 for each 24 hour period. To book a home visit with Alison, please email us the booking form as a word document. We will contact you directly to discuss the details and arrangements. At Alison’s discretion, where schedule and travel plans allow, Alison may offer a partial home-visit of several hours or a half day, prices for which will be agreed on an individual basis. All home visits will include one and a half hours FREE follow up telephone consultations to ensure complete client satisfaction – usual cost £225.


 For more information on any of the services, take a look at the website at www.alisonscottwright.com where client testimonials & information will help you understand how Alison works and the type of outcomes you can expect through enlisting her help. Receipt of a completed booking form acknowledges your acceptance of the terms and conditions stated below.



Telephone Consultations & Payment:

• Initial email or phone enquiries are free of charge and without obligation.

• We offer a one-to-one telephone consultation service where an in depth discussion takes place between Alison and the client. The consultation can be focused to specific problem areas and either a single call or a series of calls may be scheduled.

• For convenience you may prefer to use SKYPE or Face Time, this is offered at no extra cost.

• To proceed with a telephone consultation the client must read and agree with the terms and conditions outlined below. There is a pre-consultation booking form which needs to be completed and returned prior to the consultation.

• References from previous telephone clients can be provided upon request (verbal or written).

• Calls will generally take place between 8am and 8pm, any calls before 8am or after 8pm will be by mutual agreement with Alison.

• We recommend that you make notes during the call as Alison is not able to offer bespoke written plans for all clients.

• Emails -Many clients like to send detailed follow up emails through the course of the consultations.

• Time spent reading and replying to these will be charged at the same rate as the phone calls.

• Alison keeps a detailed log of all calls and invoices will usually be sent once a month.

• Payment must be made within 7 days of receipt and may be made via bank transfer or PayPal, details of which may be found on the invoice.

• We reserve the right to charge 20% interest per week on outstanding invoices

Home Visits / Set-Up Visits / Live-In Periods:

 • Home visits are from 24 hours to several days by agreement where Alison and client will review the babies’ patterns and progress to date and look to resolve issues. If location, logistics, travel plans and Alison’s schedule allows, it might be possible for Alison to visit you at your home for just a day, half a day or a few hours and prices for this will be agreed on an individual basis.

• Concerns and problems should be highlighted so that you and Alison can work together on problem resolution. The parties will then aim to implement an agreed sleeping and feeding structure.

• Dates and length of booking will be agreed in principle between the consultant and the client. (Note - There is a need for flexibility on both sides in recognition of the nature of working with babies.)

• Once dates are agreed a £1,200 deposit is required - you will receive an invoice which will require immediate payment to secure your booking. 

• The deposit is non-refundable in the event that the client wish to cancel the booking for any reason however bookings may be postponed, extended or shortened subject to agreement by both parties.

• For set-up visits for new-borns, a confirmed booking with a start date is not required, Alison will note the expected date of delivery and try to synchronise the start date accordingly.

• To book a home visit from Alison, please return the completed booking form as an attachment. This provides her with relevant essential information prior to arrival. We will contact you directly within 48 hours to make detailed arrangements. Alison will then speak to you personally regarding the visit before she arrives at your home.

• It is often necessary for to have detailed pre-visit telephone consultations. These calls will be charged at the specified rates and included on your final invoice. 

• Full payment should be made by cleared funds before the end of the visit. Follow up after the visit.

• INSTALMENT PAYMENTS - Alison may offer this service to be paid in monthly instalments, at her discretion. Please contact Alison directly for payment terms and more information. Follow up after the visit As part of the ‘live in’ service, you will be entitled to up to 1.5 hours of follow-up telephone support.

Travel Expenses:

Fees are not inclusive of travel expenses, and Alison reserves the right to invoice for any incurred travel costs. However, Alison chooses rarely to charge for this, except for trains, planes, taxis or parking charges which Alison will ask to be reimbursed. This can be discussed in advance and a breakdown of expenses will be listed on each invoice.

Overseas Appointments:

In certain circumstances, Alison will travel overseas for a home visit. For all confirmed bookings which take place outside of the UK the following must be taken into consideration:

• The daily rate is charged at £1500 per 24 hours.

• All travel expenses are payable by the client prior to the booking, this includes flights, taxis, trains or any other method of transport.

• Car parking, extra luggage charges (if required) or any other charges associated with the journey are payable by the client, these can be invoiced at the time of departure. • Extra overseas mobile phone charges during the duration of the booking will be invoiced to the client at a later date, if the use of a landline telephone can be supplied this will eliminate any telephone charges.

• Internet charges will be invoiced to the client at the time of departure, if a laptop with internet access can be supplied this will eliminate any internet charges. Invoices are charged in sterling and payment is required in sterling.


IMPORTANT POINTS & DISCLAIMER: The advice that I give to parents is drawn from my experiences as a maternity nurse, baby consultant and from all courses and training that I have undertaken. I make no guarantees and do not guarantee to have the solution to every single problem. The advice that I give is simply that, advice, and it is up to each individual client to decide whether they follow it or not.

I cannot be held responsible for any situation that is not fully resolved. However, I am happy to state that to date, most clients that I have worked with have expressed total satisfaction with the outcome of their consultations or visits. The advice that I give is tailored to individual families through in depth consultations or home visits and therefore I cannot be held responsible for any advice that is passed on by any client to a third party.

I would also like to point out that my methods, routine schedules and the reassurance, sleep- training technique, have been devised by me and for which I solely own the copyright. These methods are detailed in my book ‘The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan’.

Any personal or professional issues discussed with clients must, on your part, and will, on my part, remain completely confidential. Please be aware that scenarios experienced with previous clients may be used and discussed [without using any names], within the realms of the current clients’ situation.

I hold a full, enhanced CRB certificate and am fully insured for professional indemnity; details of which can be seen if requested.

Please note that for live-in visits, it is the clients’ responsibility to provide suitable accommodation and full board. Although prices are based on 24 hours duration, I still have to sleep! Therefore, I will rest as necessary during the day.

I do ask each client to write me a reference/ testimonial / account of my work with them. Prospective clients find these written statements extremely useful and it helps me to keep my portfolio up to date. Please state on your reference whether you are happy for other clients to contact you and state your contact details accordingly.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to enquire. Alternatively, please feel free to complete a booking form to proceed with a booking!