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Alison Scott-Wright - Baby Care Consultant, Maternity Nurse & Parental Advisor, Baby and Toddler Sleep Expert, Infant Reflux Specialist, Health Professional & Allied Associate to ESPGHAN {European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition}


The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan: To get a personally signed copy visit my website - www.alisonscott-wright.com and place your order.
It costs £12.99, [Whilst old stocks last, when new stocks arrive the RRP will be £14.99] plus £3.99 for next day postage and packaging to anywhere in the UK. Paypal calculates fees for posting abroad.
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Speak with Alison to get individually tailored advice through one-to-one, private consultations. You can book an audio or a video consultation, on either a pay by minute basis or through a discounted package of 2 or 3 hours. The time booked in a package is made up of a number of consultations, not as a continual 2 or 3 hour block of time and the first session is usually an hour in duration.

There is also a new service where you can book a virtual session of 4, 8 or 12- hour block of time where Alison is virtually in your home to talk you through feeds, mealtimes, nap-times, bedtime and a full over-night, sleep-training session.

Telephone Consultations (audio only): Each call is charged at £3.00 per minute. The call can be held through mobiles, landlines or Audio on WhatsApp/FaceTime/Skype. There are no extra charges for calls held on weekends or out of usual hours, though usually Alison will aim to carry out all consultations, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm.

To book a phone consultation with Alison, please fill in and submit the online booking form on the website:

Video Consultations: Each call is charged at £4.00 per minute. Usually, Alison will send a link for you to join an online meeting room although the call can be held through any medium that has video calling option such as WhatsApp/ FaceTime or Skype. There are no extra charges for calls held on weekends or out of usual hours, though usually Alison will aim to carry out all consultations, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm.

To book a video consultation with Alison, please fill in and submit the online booking form on the website:

Alison On-call Exclusive Access Sessions: You can book time with Alison where she will be instantly available to you through a video or audio call and will have set aside the designated time, solely for you.
Alison’s time can be booked in blocks:

4 hours @ £1000 8 hours @ £1500 12 hours @ £2000


Buy video and audio consultations as part of a package to benefit from the discounts available below.

Premium (audio only)


£330 (£30 discount)


£500 (£40 discount)

Premium Plus (video + audio)


(1 hr video + 1 hr audio) £390 (£30 discount)


(1.5 hr video + 1.5 hr audio) £590 (£40 discount)

Platinum (video)


£450 (£30 discount)


£680 (£40 discount)

All package calls or videos are scheduled at a mutually convenient time slot. A regular slot each week, for example every Monday at 12noon, for 3 weeks could be arranged, but due to Alison’s workload it might not always be possible, so please allow for some flexibility.

With each package the first consultation will usually be a complete hour in duration, the remaining time thereafter can be split and used in either 15, 30 or 45 minute slots and can be scheduled for consecutive days, weeks or booked at random times, as and when you need the follow ups. If you don’t use all the time paid for in the package, no refund will be given. All packages are to be paid for in advance and as soon as you book your package an invoice will be sent to you with details of how to make payment. Once payment has been received Alison will contact you directly to schedule your consultations _________________________________________________________________
For more information on any of the services, go to
www.alisonscott-wright.com where client testimonials & information will help you understand how Alison works and the type of outcomes you can expect through enlisting her help.

Receipt of a completed booking form acknowledges your acceptance of the terms and conditions stated below.


Due to health and safety advice following the Government guidelines home visits are currently suspended, but Alison does have a waiting list for when she is able to visit again. If you would like more information on this then please email Alison directly on [email protected] and she will contact you to discuss.


Telephone/Video-call Consultations & Payment:
• MSF offers a one-to-one telephone consultation service where an in depth discussion takes place between Alison and the client. The consultation can be focused to specific problem areas and either a single call or a series of calls may be scheduled.
• To proceed with a telephone consultation the client must read and agree with the terms and conditions outlined below. There is a pre-consultation booking form which needs to be completed and returned prior to the consultation.
• References from previous telephone clients can be provided upon request (verbal or written).
• Calls will generally take place between 9am and 6pm, any calls before 9am or after 6pm will be by mutual agreement with Alison.
• We recommend that you make notes during the call as Alison is not able to offer be- spoke written plans for all clients.
• Email help. Alison is unable to provide help directly through email session unless directly agreed by herself and the client.
• Alison keeps a detailed log of all calls and invoices will usually be sent soon after your consultation has taken place.
• Payment must be made within 7 days of receipt and may be made via bank transfer or PayPal, details of which may be found on the invoice.
• We reserve the right to charge 20% interest per week on outstanding invoices.


The advice that I give to parents is drawn from my experiences as a maternity nurse, baby consultant and from all courses and training that I have undertaken. I make no guarantees and do not guarantee to have the solution

to every single problem. The advice that I give is simply that, advice, and it is up to each individual client to decide whether they follow it or not.
I cannot be held responsible for any situation that is not fully resolved. However, I am happy to state that to date, most clients that I have worked with have expressed total satisfaction with the outcome of their consultations or visits. The advice that I give is tailored to individual families through in depth consultations or home visits and therefore I cannot be held responsible for any advice that is passed on by any client to a third party. I would also like to point out that my methods, routine schedules and the reassurance, sleep- training technique, have been devised by me and for which I solely own the copyright. These methods are detailed in my book ‘The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan’. Any personal or professional issues discussed with clients must, on your part, and will, on my part, remain completely confidential. Please be aware that scenarios experienced with previous clients may be used and discussed [without using any names], within the realms of the current clients’ situation.

I hold a full, enhanced CRB certificate and am fully insured for professional indemnity, details of which can be seen if requested.
I do ask each client to write me a review/reference/ testimonial / account of my work with them. Prospective clients find these written statements extremely useful and it helps me to keep my portfolio up to date. Please state on your reference whether you are happy for other clients to contact you and state your contact details accordingly.
Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to enquire.
Alternatively, please feel free to complete a booking form to proceed with a booking! www.alisonscott-wright.com