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All about Jude !

Whilst GPs dismissed Jude's cries as just 'colic', Alison understood that he was clearly in pain and needed help. Alison immediately reassured us, providing the right strategy to get Jude on the right path. Within an hour of speaking to Alison, Jude did a 2 hour nap in the day time, in his cot, without hours of rocking and soothing; it was a miracle!


Alison's strong but loving approach to reflux meant that we felt listened to but also coached to deal with Jude's condition properly. Jude is now thriving; sleeping through the night, full of smiles and finally relaxed. 


We will always be thankful to Alison for helping Jude to feel better. If you think your baby is in pain trust your maternal instinct and ignore your GP's 'colic' comments. Reflux is a real issue that needs sorting and we need more people like Alison to raise awareness of it. 


Thank you so much! From a very smiley Jude :)

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06 January 2018 15:03
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# anthonyanson
22 January 2018 07:34

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