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Babies are designed to sleep!!

BABIES NEED SLEEP! In fact during sleep they grow, their brain develops, they process and store all the information they've been bombarded with during the day, their immune system strengthens and they rest and rejuvenate ready to face the next exhilarating day of sounds, smells, sights and sensory awakening.

BABIES ARE DESIGNED to sleep and if given the right cues and environment, their body clocks will naturally and quite quickly fall into following the universal pattern of eating during the day and sleeping during the night, WHICH QUITE NATURALLY WILL RESULT IN 12 HOURS STRAIGHT THROUGH THE NIGHT BY AROUND 3 MONTHS OF AGE!

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# sharlyn
12 January 2018 10:29
what age did you rest to prepare your baby?I don't need anybody saying you should'nt or anything simply the ones that did what age Help with Essay.I think you need to instruct a child to sleep,eat right, behave right and so on I did it with my little girl simply don't recall when I began!

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