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It's all about TWINS!

So, as you may know from my social media, my beautiful niece Clare is settling in with her newborn twin boys, only a few weeks ago was I working with this gorgeous double act. 
Sadly both bubbas had reflux which hadn’t been diagnosed and feeding had become really challenging for both Mum and the babies.

The poor Mum had been so much advice about having to be ‘tougher’ and ‘stricter’ about setting a feeding routine and making sure they fed at the same time that she had allowed this to override her instinct that something was not quite right with their feeding. In her complete defence and to her credit, she had asked her health visitor, maternity nurse & doctor so many times if it was ‘normal’ for feeding to be SO challenging and had been told they were just a bit colicky and would grow out of it!!!

Sadly, this didn’t prove to be the case and things continued to deteriorate until I was able to go and see them for a visit.

Happy to report that after seeing a pediatrician with them both and addressing their reflux, the babies are now much happier - as is Mum. They feed well, four times a day and sleep 12 hours through the night - happy as can be when they wake in morning as shown in the photo!!


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