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I’ve been waiting for this research to be completed and published for ages. It completely underpins and backs up what I’ve been saying for years about our bodies, breast milk and babies being ‘contaminated’ with so many harmful chemicals that we ingest in a daily basis.

I’m convinced this is why the instances of severe reflux in babies and extreme dietary intolerances are at almost epidemic proportions and why so many babies can’t seem to even ‘tolerate’ breast milk and end up on hypoallergenic formulas and need medicine to reduce stomach acidity. These harmful chemicals - and especially sulphites, are proven to erode the stomach lining and cause a gut flora imbalance which in turn will create a gut sensitivity and cause acid reflux to occur.

It’s a sad and worrying situation that needs to be addressed by Government, Industry and us as individuals to try reduce our use of chemicals, plastics and sulphites and to do our best to reduce pollution of all kinds.

My first steps are going to be switching to a hybrid car and change all my toiletries & household products to be fully environmentally friendly & chemical free.


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The full publication:…/cmenva…/1805/180502.htm

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