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Entries for June 2018

"You truly are the Magic Sleep Fairy"

Thank you 🙏 she slept from 7:20 (again!) to 6am straight no wake ups! You truly are The Magic Sleep Fairy 🧚‍♀️ xxx This message came from the parents of a gorgeous baby girl I visited last week. She is exclusively breast fed, but had never slept for more than an hour and was snack feeding round the clock. I was able to show Mum how to regulate her feeding to just four times a day which meant we could then establish proper naps and her baby was able to naturally sleep through the night.  I love my job 😊💗
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It's Flower Friday!

Happy Flowery Friday to all the Mums and Dads out there struggling with sleep deprivation. Take a look at my book The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan as it will certainly give you some resolutions.  Alison xxxx
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The Magic Sleep Fairy in Jersey!

The Magic Sleep Fairy is in Jersey helping a family with 2.5 year old toddler and their 5 month old baby.  Due to undiagnosed reflux and dairy intolerances in both children, no one has slept in this house since their first baby was born. Night two and the toddler has only woken once and the baby has slept a solid 11 hours...... still room for improvement but we’re nearly there!!  With my next bookings in place for Norfolk, Hertfordshire, London & Manchester I think I need a helicopter to transport me around to spread the...

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