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Magic Sleep Fairy to the rescue


This was the distressing email I received recently, but after my help this little baby is now sleeping twelve hours each night and feeding happily, just four times each day.
The pictures are of him waking up after his first full night’s sleep 

I have a 9 week old boy who is constantly refusing feeds. The only way I can get him to have anything is wait until he falls asleep and then he will have a maximum of 2oz in one go. I feel so anxious as I feel like I need to be at home all the time as I don’t want to miss the opportunity of him going to sleep and then feeding. At the moment I try to feed him for an hour and then give him (and me) a break for another hour and then start the process Over again. He squirms, cries and grunts after every feed. We have tried gaviscon, ranitidine and are currently on Omeprazole and nutrimagen milk after seeing the gp numerous times and eventually paying for a private paediatrician appointment. Nothing seems to have made any difference. I’m really not enjoying spending time with my baby as I’m constantly stressed that he won’t feed or worries about the next feed- this is impacting on my partner and my older 3 year old son and I’m not sure where to turn now. Do you have any advice/could you visit us?

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Neil Jakson
# Neil Jakson
05 June 2018 07:33
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