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Hand in Hand with Harper

Another distressing reflux story, but pleased to say that in just four days we have an incredibly positive outcome to report. 
So this is what her mum wrote a few weeks ago on the booking form - “Harper is on infant gaviscon added to comfort milk (2satches) and infacol
14) have been solely breastfeeding but in the process of transitioning each feed to bottle. During the day I now give 3 feeds as bottles.formula used is apatamil comfort. I try and be strict during the day to 5 feeds but in the evening it's pretty much demand feeding on the breast.

15)Harper has never slept on her own and cries when you try to put her down even after the cot is inclined, is able to sleep on me or sideways in my bed breastfeeding during the night. After giving her a bath in the evening it is near impossible to settle her to sleep and cries a lot. Once asleep She squirms and wriggles a lot at night and wakes up multiple times and feeds on the breast constantly. I often hear her stomach making noises and regurgitation which then goes back down. Other symptoms, frequent hiccups, rigid stomach, white tongue, frequently on and off breast at night, and hand in her mouth. From birth to 6 weeks she use to cry inconsolably non stop from evening to 1-2am. She also only drinks from 1-3oz of comfort milk.”

So fast forward to my visit and after a few initial phone calls Harper has finally been prescribed Neocate and omeprazole. However, she wouldn’t take more than 2 to 3 ounces max each bottle and continued to crave the breast all through the night and never slept. 
However with a bit a Fairy Magic -and treating her oral thrush (see photo) adding some Instant Carobel, Mam bottles, reassurance sleep training, four set day feeds, putting her in her own cot..... Harper now drinks 5 to 7 ounces four times a day, sleeps through the night and happily takes 3 daytime naps. 
Happy Christmas Sleeps Harper - and to her Mummy & Daddy & older sister, enjoy 💖😴💖

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