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Visiting a Newborn for the first time

Making that first visit to a friend or family member with a newborn baby is always exciting - but before you go charging in, remember there's kind of a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Think about how you look, maybe try not to look too good.

Can you imagine how that new Mum feels when her Facebook feed taken over by photos of good-looking, smiley and fresh people posing with her newborn. She probably feels at  a bit of a disadvantage, no trips to the hairdresser, hardly time for a shower and as for makeup.... Be really kind and show up in trackie bottoms, an old T shirt and minimal make up free for hugs and cuddles with the little one. Also avoid perfume as it can smell horribly strong to a sensitive little nose.  The photo will still be great

When it comes to gifts ...

Maybe take food. And by food this can mean chocolate!  Nursing mums need lots of calories and no silly diet talk to be entertained. 

And when looking at your surroundings, please, please - 

Don’t look round at the coffee cups and dirty dishes the possibly unhoovered floor or that mountainous pile of laundry.

These new parents will be trying to pretend they’ve got their act together and everything is perfect. Let them believe you think that it is !

So enjoy your first visit, be cool, be casual and eat chocolate!

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