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Recent Testimonial for my Book

Dear Alison


I just had to get in touch to say that after having been recommended your book by a friend I read your book from cover to cover whilst I was pregnant, created a subbed down version which I stuck on the wall for my husband(!) and implemented the plan from the first day I got my baby home.


She is 7 weeks old today and for the last couple of nights she has reached the stage of sleeping for 12 hours from 7 to 7.


I can't quite believe it and couldn't be happier because I am not sleep deprived and neither is my husband. She is such a happy happy baby and eats and sleeps so well.


I literally read, read, and re read your book to remind myself of certain things and did everything you said and I put her in her own room after 2 weeks.


I can't thank you enough and here's to many more peaceful nights!


Mona Hamed

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