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Hot Summer Nights!

Here are some ideas on how to keep your cool.  Follow these sleeping tips to make sure your child still gets enough sleep.

 Make sure that you use cotton sheets and bedding. Other types of bedding can make your baby warmer and watch out for waterproof mattress covers which can encourage sweating.

Make sure you keep baby hydrated. Remember that your baby being fretful at night might not just be because of the heat, it may be down to dehydration. Make sure they drink plenty of water during the day and they may want a drink of water in the night too.

My Mum used to love this one to keep us cool !  The good old chilled damp flannel on the forehead. If your baby is really irritated and struggling to settle, try placing a damp flannel on their forehead for short intervals, as this will calm them and cool them down.

Keep a cooler roomTry and keep curtains or blinds drawn during the day, but with the windows open behind which should keep the air circulating. This means the room has less of a chance to become stuffy.

But do make the most of the Summer, it won't last for long!


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