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Having a routine provides structure to your baby’s day and helps you feel in control. That can mean structure in a world where chaos could otherwise reign. It simply sets out times for feeds and naps thus ensuring that a baby has the right amount of sleep and  feeds through the day.

If you follow the routine set out in my book you will see quickly see the benefits.

Reading this though, you may be feeling that the word "routine" conjures up images of a strict and inflexible approach to baby care. Let me assure you that that nothing could be further from the truth. The benefit of a routine is that it follows your baby’s natural feeding and sleeping patterns. These are the patterns a baby may settle into spontaneously over time, but which he can achieve very quickly with a little help and guidance. Once you have established a routine that works your baby will enjoy having structured mealtimes and naps. Knowing how his day maps out can help make a baby feel safe, secure and confident.

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