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Baby names for 2016

It can be quite a challenge agreeing on a name for your baby.  So what are the hot names going to be for 2016.  Definitely not Alison although I believe this will make a comeback at some point!

Here are a few ideas, if you follow the link you can see the whole list on today parents.

— Vowel-beginning names continue to rule, with 40 percent of the hottest girls' names and over half the boys' names starting with A (still the leader), E, I, or O, in that order.

— Unisex names are hot, especially for girls, with RileyRowanFinleyTeaganPeytonSage, andEverly all making the girls' list. But we also see names that can cross the gender line on the boys' side:JaydenElliotLoganCharlie, and Rhys.

— Girl-boy pairs of names make the hot list, with Elise and EliasKai and KaiaJade and JaydenEvanand Everly all rising.

— Girls' names with the -el sound — Elise and Elsie but also Aveline and Annalise — keep gathering steam, as do boys' names that end in n, with newcomers AryanAugustineLucian, and Eamon joining such favorites as Aiden and Owen.

— The new hottest names have a distinct international flavor, and include the Scandinavian Astrid,French Anouk, the African Amara, the German Annalise, the Greek Xanthe, the Hawaiian Kai, the Indo-Iranian Aryan, and the Irish Eamon.



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