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Why does my baby cry?

 It’s a question that new mums ask me all the time.  I recently appeared on “Good Morning Britain” talking about deciphering a baby’s cry and I believe it is possible to learn to understand and recognise them.

There is a growing body of research to support my belief that you may be able to decipher your baby’s cries. Having worked with babies for many years I truly believe that this is possible and I am confident in my ability to recognise the different messages that our babies are telling us.  I don’t need a whole stack of research to support my knowledge but it’s interesting that this is currently in the news.

To date there is no specific evidence-based method to translate a baby’s cries however research shows that babies, particularly when very young, can use behavioural and vocal cues to let their parents know what’s wrong before actually breaking into tears. Crying may just be the last resort.

I have always maintained that there is a reason why your baby is crying and I feel it is always very important to use your instincts as a mum – after all, no one knows your baby like you do. Trust those instincts, listen for the signs as knowing why can potentially make it easier to make it stop!

However if baby cries excessively and nothing seems to soothe them, there may be an underlying condition.  So if you are in doubt, do check it out with a professional and read the last chapter of my book.

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