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What milk should you give your reflux baby?

Ever wonder which milk is best for your reflux baby? Well this mum did so seeking advice went to the doctor and in the space of 10 days was given four different milks to trial - 3 of them prescribed by a top Paediatric gastroenterologist!
Confused? Well she certainly was and so was the poor little baby's digestive system!!
The problem is it takes weeks, not days for a new milk to get settled into the system and to show positive effects. Also, if cows milk protein is an issue - as in this case- once you remove dairy and switch straight to Neocate as I originally advised, the symptoms - rashes, excess mucous, coughing etc, often seem worse for a few days as the stored dairy proteins 'leaves' the system......before things start to improve. This occurrence often prompts parents (and sadly even the Doctors) into a knee-jerk reaction and assumption that the baby is reacting to the Neocate....which of course is not the case. Hence the paediatrician sent this mother away with 3 other milks to trial to see what would work!
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