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1) Don't make it a big issue!

Many parents deliberate and talk about moving the child into a bed for weeks. It's just a natural milestone that needs to be kept simple and straightforward and implemented with the minimum of fuss.


2) Don't involve the child too much by taking them to choose a new bed & bedding. Children as young as two often struggle with the concept of seeing a bed in a shop and not understanding how and why it's going to end up in their bedroom! This can actually unsettle them and just make already difficult nights, worse!


3) Don't keep telling the child how "grown up' they are and "what a big boy" they are now, having a 'big' bed. It's better to explain this as a normal thing that occurs as we grow bigger and simply need larger beds, as even though they might be resisting the confines of their cot and climbing out it doesn't mean they want it to be acknowledged that they are growing up but would rather remain to be seen as a baby - especially if there is a new baby brother or sister on the scene!


4) Choose a quiet time period in your diary when you have little or no immediate travel plans or other social disruptions so that you can keep life calm and implement the change with your full focus.


5) Set up the new bed or take off the cot-bed sides during the afternoon and get the child to help you if he's interested in doing so. Allow the child to briefly explore his new bed but don't let him jump up or down on it or stay on it for too long, playing with toys - it's his bed and somewhere to sleep, not play or mess about!


6) Draw up some bedtime rules which explain what will happen during the night, for example - lights off, door closed, no getting out of bed is allowed and stay in bed until I come to get you in the morning.

Then get the child to decorate his rules with special stickers and put the rules up on his bedroom door. Read these rules to your child every night as part of the bedtime routine.*


7) Keep things as normal as possible & carry out your usual bath and bedtime routine. Then, after goodnight kisses and cuddles tuck little one up in his new bed and leave the room with a firm but reassuring "Goodnight, it's Sleepy-time now".


8) If he then gets out of bed go back into the room and sternly say "Back to bed, it's sleepy-time". If he doesn't get back in of his own accord then try and make him do so by 'herding' him towards the bed and if you have to pick him up to put him the bed then do so, but don't scoop him up for extra cuddles in the process. Calmly and firmly put him back into bed whilst delivering the same 'sleepy-time' message and try not engage in any conversation with him.


9) However long it takes and no matter how many times he gets out of bed, continue with the same method of putting him back - he WILL stay there and go to sleep, eventually! Continue with this exact same method if he wakes and gets out of bed during the night.


10) When its morning time enter the room with a bright and cheery "Good morning" and don't refer to the nights events other than to praise him for enjoying the first night in his new bed - no matter how many times he got out and you had to put him back! It will get easier as each night passes, promise!

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