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Reflux - A Doctors experience and her Testimonial

Alison came to stay when my son was 5 weeks and really struggling to be a happy baby.  Each feed was a very difficult process and his sleep was broken constantly by crying fits - it was truly distressing to see him in such pain and I was certain this wasn't just all "down to colic" as I had been told.  Alison left our house 3 days later and my son was a different baby, she worked miracles!  Having her at the house was invaluable too for getting him settled on his new formula and meds for the reflux.  It’s one thing being prescribed medications and special formulas but quite another dealing with the actual practicalities of changing over and getting your little one to take them!  Despite being a doctor myself, she was able to put into practice a management plan that no amount of medical training could have provided - it is her incredible experience, vast depth of knowledge and certainly a touch of a 'baby sixth sense' that means she is the true expert.  I am sure she was put on this earth to help make babies happy and new mother’s smile again and all I can say is thank goodness she followed her calling!
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