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I was bought a book by my oldest friend.....a book on how to look after your friend had used the book and swore by it.......
To read a book about how to have a baby and how to get it to sleep at night, really was not on my shopping list.... babies just go to sleep dont they.... I literally thought that!
I was having a baby with a man who already had 3 children and so it seemed very natural to 'just have the baby', rather than reading books on how to do it.
Nevertheless, I had faith in my friends recommendation and I read it.
I went from being a mother who was going to  'just have a baby' to a mother to be, with an exact idea of how I was going to be a mother..............
NCT classes didn't prepare me for after the birth, and in fact I hadnt really thought about 'after the birth'.... but now, it was organised.....our baby was going to be one of those babies that 'slept like a baby' from 6 weeks...... if it can happen to my friends baby, it can happen to mine....
I had the baby, and we named her Kitty.
I followed the book.........kitty literally did what the book said......from week 1 to week 2, to week 3, to week 4. She was literally waking as the boo said she would......Kitty was now waking and doing all of her feeds and sleeps in the day, and the crucial night time sleep was really on track... literally to the book.... at 6 weeks she was going to bed at 7 and waking at 5.30 am for her first feed. Kittys father couldn't believe it. But then as we moved into week 7, it started to go a little of schedule....... kitty was waking randomly at night desperate to feed, excessive dribbling and had bright green explosive stools. 

I went to my GP and suggested she had silent reflux, as Kitty had 4 symptoms which were listed in Alison s book.All of which my GPs told us was normal.     However, I was told 'she's only a baby and will grow out of it'. For the next 4 months Kitty was suffering and so was I. 

I went from being a happy mother, actually getting sleep and seeing the results of the book, to a mother that really had no control on the situation and just didn't understand why.
In desperation....I needed a sleep trainer of some kind........ I felt this was my last option.......I had a choice of two........the first advised she wanted kitty to have been on solids for two weeks before she would do sleep training with us........ I also rung Alison..... Alison was 5 times the price of the other sleep trainer.... but in my initial conversations with her she advised that there might be an underlying medical condition and she wouldn't do sleep training until she had seen Kitty and had an idea if this was the case.

I decided to go with Alison. 

Kitty was diagnosed with severe silent reflux and was treated for the medical condition. She was also looked after by Alison for 4 days and nights and Kitty slept from 7pm-6/7am every morning up until now!
Its insane, and true. Alison saved us all and I will forever be thankful and admire her for her wonderful understanding and compassionate work with babies and the families she works with.... Lots of love xxx
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