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Lovely words from a fan of the book

I just wanted to pass on my sincerest thanks for your wonderful book. When our son Oliver was diagnosed with reflux we were given so many mixed messages by health professionals and basically just told to wait it out and that it should pass by 9 months... which at 8 weeks seemed a lifetime away! I found your book when Oliver was 4 months old and when I read your chapter on reflux I just sat and cried with relief - finally someone who understood just what it was like!!

We tried your reassurance technique and it made a huge difference to his ability to self-settle, but we were following the plan somewhat half-heartedly as his reflux was so bad that we were constantly worried he was in pain when he woke through the night. I managed to give up co-sleeping and put him in his cot in his own room (on his front with a breathing monitor as you suggest), but he was still waking in the night and I often ended up staying in his room and feeding/cuddling him to sleep several times a night. But the book gave me the confidence to pester the docs until we found the right dose of meds and early weaning made a difference too.

Then at 8 months when he had learned to stand up in his cot and was again refusing to self-settle I decided enough was enough and we followed your sleep plan 100% to the letter. Well the results were incredible! He slept through on night one (night two was bad but better again by night three), and after four nights he was self-settling within a couple of minutes for both naps and bedtime!! He is now sleeping 12 hours a night and taking two naps a day! And he is a much happier, more contented baby for it as well.

Your book is beautifully written and so easy to follow - it's like you're in the room with me when I'm reading it. Each time I had to sit and listen to him crying through the monitor I would pick up the book and read a few paragraphs and it gave me the strength to continue. So glad I did! Thank you so so much 😊
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