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When Experience Counts - talking to Nutricia

I'm delighted to be visiting the Liverpool offices of Nutricia next week to talk to an audience of 200 people about my knowledge and experience of their product, Neocate.

Neocate LCP is an alternative to breast milk or infant milk formula in Cow's Milk Allergy (CMA), multiple food protein intolerance (MFPI), or other disorders where an amino acid formula (AAF) is indicated. Neocate LCP is based on 100% free amino acids considered 'non-allergenic'. Neocate LCP is supported by over 25 years of clinical research.  

Like me, many of my clients know the product well, whats good, what the challenges are and what affect it can have when its working well.  I will have the opportunity to talk to the people who make and sell the product about how it works in the real world. I anticipate more work of this type in the future. My hands on ad practical experience is not something you can easily find.

I'll post more later on with feedback of the event. 

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