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Screen Test for Alison!!

The Magic Sleep Fairy has been invited to attend a screen test for a new USA TV show working with A-List celebrities and their troublesome tots. All very exciting in one way, but sad in another that it just highlights the fact that no matter who you are or how much money you have - life for parents today is TOUGH!
There is no real help, guidance, support and advice that actually works within the reality of the way we live in our Western World today. Mostly all that new parents are offered is strict but unrealistic guidelines, conflicting advice from one health professional to another and the confusion of trying to find a parenting method that works for them.
Often having no immediate family close by to help, the pressures of returning to work & continuing with career development alongside trying to be the 'perfect parent' leaves most of people floundering and at a loss on how to juggle everything and to be the parent they dreamt of being!
Here's hoping that I can secure this role and get my second book finished which at least might help some of you out there!
Alison x
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