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Late nights sap childrens brain power

Late nights and lax bedtime routines can blunt young children's minds, research suggests.The findings on sleep patterns and brain power come from a UK study of more than 11,000 seven-year-olds.

Youngsters who had no regular bedtime or who went to bed later than 21:00 had lower scores for reading and maths.

Alison believes passionately in teaching children to sleep properly from an early age. She didn't really need a survey to confirm what she has always known!!  Some people criticize her approach but the evidence is undeniable, babies, toddlers and older children all benefit from  a good nights sleep. Alison's reassurance sleep technique is simply based around helping them to find a way of getting themselves to sleep feeling relaxed, secure and happy.

She is working on the Toddler Sleep Plan and we can't get it out there soon enough.


Picture courtesy of the BBC

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